где купить лук, кинжал, катану, боккен, кортик
продается меч, катана, боккен. где купить. булатный клинок.




We craft hand-forged swords of different types. We make multy-layered steel (wootz-type). You can see examples of our work

We work mainly under custom orders. You can email us and describe what sword you want to order. We will reply you with prices and all the necessary information.

There are some swords on sale now

We are situated in Nikopol, Ukraine.

You can contact us in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian.


Hand-forged swords, rapiers, sables. We craft katana swords. Our masters make damascus and bulat steel (wootz-type steel). We take part in Ukrainian exhibitions in Kyiv, the nearest is on December 19, 2009.

Administrator of the team -Mr. Aleks Kisselyow

Phone in Ukraine 095 230 64 62

E-mail: info@sword.com.ua , 1518@bk.ru

ICQ - 175080597

Skype - istorior